Buffalo Bills football fans are enjoying one of the most promising season starts in recent memory.  But will the Bills have enough gas in the tank to finish the season strong and find the success to finally break the Buffalo Sports Curse?

You did know that Buffalo was a cursed sports town, didn't you?

There are several legendarily unlucky sports towns like San Diego and Cleveland.  Similar to those cities, Buffalo's major pro sports franchises have had no luck brining home a championship:  no Superbowl rings for the Bills,  Lord Stanley's Cup has never belonged to the Sabers and during their near-decade existence in Buffalo, the Braves never brought home an NBA championship.

The roots of the Buffalo Sports Curse date back to the 1921.  The Buffalo All-Americans finished the season undefeated 9-0-2 and should have been the champions of the NFL that year.  The Chicago Staleys (soon to be known as the Bears) were in second place with one loss.  The Chicago team challenged Buffalo to what they said would be a post-season exhibition game.  Chicago won that game 10-7 then went on to play 2 more games.  The improved Staleys record plus the win over Buffalo in the 'exhibition' game gave Chicago the league championship.

Proponents of the Buffalo Sports Curse maintain it was this Chicago Swindle that lead to the curse on Buffalo's subsequent sports teams.