Growing up in gradeschool, Steven Seagal's voice fooled you into thinking he'd never hurt a fly and then suddenly bad guys FELL like flies everywhere! We used to get into arguments about who was more badass, him or Jean Claude Van Dam, but this martial artist/cop wannabe also has another weapon he likes to wield besides his baddie-offing samurai sword... A guitar!



Now unlike Robert Downey below, this guy is a hobbyist musician that should probably stick to neck bending onscreen and leave the guitar neck to the pros. While playing an instrument can be healing to anyone who tries it, amateur and pro alike, there should probably be a license required before being allowed on a stage. This guy just strums with his thumb and pretends he's awesome and while RDJ actually has the chops as a hobbyist musician, this guy needs to stick to chopping heads off, figuratively of course.


Who Knew Robert Downey Jr. Could... Sing?