It is the Holy Grail of comic books. Action Comics #1. When a pristine copy of Action Comics #1 goes on sale it captures the attention of comic fans world wide. The sale gets even more attention when the person selling the comic book is popular actor Nicolas Cage. Cage is putting his "Holy Grail" on the auction block on the comic book collection website Of course Cage's copy has an interesting history:

Few comics have as interesting or complicated a back story as Cage’s copy of Action Comics no. 1. Certified Guaranty Company, the leading grader of the quality of collectible comics, recently assigned this copy a grade of 9.0, making it the best-preserved publicly-known copy of Superman’s first appearance. Approximately 100 copies of Action Comics no. 1 remain in existence. Experts believe only about five others, all in private hands, are of comparable quality to this copy. Sotheby’s sold this comic at auction in 1992 for a then-record $82,500. Cage bought it in 1997 for about $150,000. -

The bidding is already at $1.3 million and the auction will end November 30th.