Have you noticed the Utica Zoo collection box at local check out counters?

I don't know how long these little boxes have been around and what businesses have them at their cash registers, but I noticed this one at Bremers on Seneca Turnpike, and I want to thank them for helping the Utica Zoo collect donations.

The Utica Zoo holds terrific fundraisers like Wine in the Wilderness, Brewfest, and the annual Spooktacular but what is raised is it's never enough. I was happy to see the donation box was full at Bremers!

Cindy McMullen/ TSM

I prefer donation boxes vs. the cashier asking me to donate my change. It goes something like this "would you like to round up your purchase to the next buck for blah blah blah?" I usually give the first time, but then when you go back, you're asked to give again. It's embarrassing when there's a line behind you, and you say 'I already gave' then you get the look like 'yeah right.' I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Cindy McMullen/TSM

A lot of nonprofits have written off donation boxes as a lousy way to raise money, but I think more people will drop a buck or two when NOT pressured. No one wants to feel bombarded, badgered or guilted into giving. So once again thanks to Bremer's for supporting the Utica Zoo!

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