That's right, you could own a piece of history if you just HAPPEN to have an extra couple mil laying around. But how cool would it be to actually hold in your hand one of the 7 lists that Oskar Schindler compiled to save scores of people from certain death in Nazi concentration camps and maybe you're actually a descendant of one of those that he saved! I, like many my age didn't know much about this until I saw Steven Spielberg's 1993 Film of the same name. Personally, I'm cool with going to a museum for something like this, but this is a collector's dream. Click the link below and pretend to be a high roller for a few seconds!


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Check Out David Gonzalez's 'House Wall' 1938 Superman Action Comics #1 At Auction!

David Gonzalez bought a house for $10k in order to flip it and resell it, but as he was tearing down the walls, he discovered the most valuable comic in the world, the 1938 Action Comic #1 (worth more than $2 million in mint condition) introducing none other than the Man of Steel himself, Superman!