Have you ever come across a major life problem of wanting to sleep with your jeans on? Jeans can be so comfy, but they can also be a pain. They are very difficult to fall asleep in. That's why we have some great news to report on. Introducing JeanPants Underwear. You can buy your pair here:

The tight and chic JeanPants from local clothes brand CUW are pert, durable and oozing zeitgeist appeal. Although likely to be more popular with men the designers also say women are welcome to enjoy the style too. For sure, the "worn" denim look is all the rage in Tokyo at the moment, and this underwear adds innovation to that trend by transposing jeans fashion to your briefs."

These gems will cost you $37. Pros of buying these: You'll appear to have a huge bulge. Cons of buying these: You're buying jean underwear... really?