Looking for a way to creep out your houseguests this Halloween? How about buying a Bloody Towel?

Let's let the product paint a pretty picture for you:

So you find yourself in the Hearts of Fire Funeral Home and Crematorium. Hearing a strange sound, almost like a bunch of hurt penguins, you push past the curtains and creep into the back room. There you see the mortician eating a few bits of a body on the table. He closes his deadly eyes in enjoyment, when the front bell rings. Before you can say, "Happy Birthday to Me," he's dabbed his face with a small towel and headed out to the front room. No one will know. But you're smart. You grab the bloody hand towel as evidence . . . and then wake up in your cubicle. Was it all a dream? If it was, then what are you doing holding the Blood Bath Bloody Hand Towel?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

So this towel is literally a towel with blood stains on it. Not real blood, so that's a plus. It only cost about $14.99, and it could make or break your Halloween Party.

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