Our friends right up the Thruway may not have a winning football team, but Buffalo still knows how to throw one hell of a party! Business Insider has taken the Center for Disease Control’s most recent stats on binge drinking and a list of cities with the most bars per capita to rank the 25 Most Hungover Cities In America. Buffalo came in at number 5!

Here's the Top Hungover Cities In America

5) Buffalo, New York


Why do people drink in Buffalo? Well they are the home of Chicken Wings and Mighty Taco, so why wouldn't you want a nice cold beer to wash down that delicious grub? Or if you want to drink off your blues from watching the Buffalo Bills continue the longest streak of not making the NFL playoffs, any bar in Buffalo will do.

4) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


When your city currently has over 9 breweries you would imagine beer just pours out from the fire hydrants. Even the name “Pittsburgh” seems like a reason to drink.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana


If you want to earn those beads during Mardi Gras chances are you'll need to be hammered. People don't just willingly show their clothing not being under the influence of booze.

2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin


When your city has the following nicknames: Cream City, Brew City, Beer City, Brew Town, Beertown, and Miltown, chances are you know how to party. The Miller Brewing Company remains a key employer by employing over 2,200 of the city's workers.

1) Omaha, Nebraska


Leading the pack is Omaha, Nebraska, which has 8.3 bars for 10,000 households and binge drinkers making up 19.5 percent of the population.