I was at the game Sunday and it really did look like the Buffalo Bills simply gave up in the fourth quarter. One thing that really sticks out in my mind is while waiting to get past security, a Patriots fan yelled, "Who did you beat? Cleveland and KC? Whipity Doo!" I thought, good point. And now the Bills must take on another tough opponent Sunday, The San Francisco 49ers.

The Buffalo Bills record of 2 & 2 says they are an average team, but it's more accurate to say they are as good at times as they are bad at other times. On offense, I say the Bills must stick with the ground game and continue to work the short and intermediate parts of the field in the passing game. On defense, the pass rush needs to begin do again what it did during their wins, rush the passer! If they can't do these things on Sunday in San Francisco, this could be the beginning of a losing streak eliminating them from play-off contention early. Who do you think will win?
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