December 3rd. That'll be the day that PBS will show Buddy Holly's brithday concert. The concert was taped in Los Angeles on September 7th, what would have been Holly's 75th birthday. The star studded lineup includes Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak, Graham Nash, Paul Anka, and Boz Scaggs. Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly, made a rare public appearance at the concert.

If you like what you see you can even get a copy for your home library from PBS:

A DVD from the concert will be available as a thank-you gift to PBS subscribers who pledge at a prescribed amount during the December fundraising drive. The concert was staged conjunction with the release of the second of two Holly tribute albums this year: "Listen to Me: Buddy Holly," which featured most of the same performers at the Music Box show. The other album, "Rave On Buddy Holly,"  featured another batch of Holly devotees, including Paul McCartney, Nick Lowe, Lou Reed, She & Him, Patti Smith and Cee Lo Green, offering new takes on his music. -