As an Ohio native I can tell you that Buckeyes are a tree-dwelling nut from the chestnut family, but you may better know them as that bite-size chocolate dipped peanut butter ball snack that you've likely tried to consume a plateful of during the Holiday season, but ever tried the other part of the 'tree'... Buckeye 'BARK'?

It's the same familiar taste but with a different delivery and just like buckeyes look somewhat like their namesake, this actually kinda looks like tree bark! Here's how to mix it up a little at your next Holiday party:



You can pretty much guess how to make it without even watching the video in all it's accidental hilariousness, but there you have it. Just keep in mind while you're eating it that you're consuming roughly 4 POUNDS of goodness, assuming of course that you'll eat it yourself like I would and those pounds will likely go straight to places you'd rather they didn't... Just sayin'.


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