My friend posted this video in response to my Chuck Norris/Jean Claude Van Dam Split post, and yes, who's the REAL boss out of all martial artists, ever? Probably Bruce Lee, because I mean, how much cooler can you get playing ping pong with the nunchaku?!?



But wait, now watch this...



That video says that you have to have a tiny brain if you think the first video was actually accurate. First of all, we don't care that it's not Bruce Lee, playing ping pong with chuks is absolutely amazing, but why is it so amazing? Because it's freaking impossible to be THAT good. AND according to the caption on the video, it was supposedly shot to promote a cell phone by Nokia endorsed by Bruce Lee!! We've been HAD, hahaha. Bruce Lee died in 1973 when cell phones didn't even EXIST! (although Nokia did) There's no way that could be him unless he's so good that he really DID catch that bullet in his teeth (which somebody who can play ping pong like that should be able to do!

Nokia simply knows the recipe for making a video go viral, it has to be UNBELIEVABLE, or NEVER BEFORE seen or done, both of which this video is. It's almost 11 million pageviews are a testament to this. WTG, Nokia! So, once again fellow internet surfers, don't believe everything you see or hear!

Who Has The Most EPIC Split, Chuck Norris Or Jean Claude?