As many of you know I am a Miami Dolphins fan. It's not easy being a fan of the "fins" in Buffalo Bills country. It's even worse when the Dolphins are less then average. The only thing that could make being a Dolphins any worse is if Brett Favre was actually signed by Miami and played for the team in 2011. I think it's time for Favre to throw on a pair of Wranglers, hop on his tractor and enjoy retirement on his farm in Mississippi. If the Dolphins have any self respect they will not offer this ego maniac a contract. Is Favre better than the quarterbacks currently on the Dolphins roster? Probably. And that is part of the problem. The Dolphins are just stupid enough to sign the "gunslinger". (Ever notice when Favre throws and interception he is a gunslinger, when others throw an interception they made a bad decision or are just careless with the football...just sayin'). The reason Brett Favre didn't finish his career as a life long member of the Green Bay Packers is because every year he enjoyed being the center of a soap opera and dominating the headlines for days, weeks and even months. "Will Favre retire? Is this the end for #4? What will the Packers do if the gunslinger retires?" And on and on it goes at the end of every football season. Just retire already. By the way the Packers seem to be just fine without #4. I am so sick of hearing about Favre that if the Miami Dolphins sign Brett Favre I will burn all of my Dolphins merchandise and find new favorite team.