The Chicago Bears have an awesome defense, an awesome running back, but terrible quarterbacks.  Some people are considering reaching out to the man, the legend, the myth, Brett Favre. Favre has remained decidedly retired and unusually quiet, until now.

A source familiar with the gunslinger said Favre would listen if the Bears made a pitch. Many NFL fans may have just cringed a little. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the guy and just don't want Favre playing on any team. You can’t say youre going to retire, come back, screw up the Jets, retire, come back for the Vikings, retire, and now want to play again.

Imagine this, there are Packer fans, who already watched Favre play for the rival Vikings, now may get to see him play for their other fierce rival the Bears. It would almost be like your ex-girlfriend dating both your brother AND your best buddy.

Every time I think of Brett Favre I think of this Daniel Tosh bit, enjoy!