Let's take a trip back to 1967. You just bought the first album of a band called The Doors. The first track on this new album is called "Break On Through". It sent chills down your spine then, it will now. Let's shed some light on this classic tonight with the Guitar Pic At Six, and dish out some song facts.

This was the first song on The Doors first album. One reason it got airplay out in Los Angeles was because friends and fans kept calling in and requesting it.

The original line in the chorus was "She gets high." Elektra records censored "high," making it sound like, "she get uuggh," but the "high" line can be heard in live versions. You can also hear the song as intended in the 1999 reissue of the album, which was overseen by their original engineer Bruce Botnick. He also replaced Jim Morrison's "f--k"s on "The End." Jim Morrison got some of the lyrics from John Rechy's 1963 book "City of Night." The guitar melody was inspired by Paul Butterfield's "Shake Your Money Maker." John Densmore added the knocking drum sound by hitting his drumstick sideways across the snare."

Another cool fact, this track was one of 6 songs The Doors recorded for a demo on Aura Records while they were trying to get signed in 1965 even though it didn't get released till 1967. Very cool. Click here for more from SongFacts.