This week's spotlight is on “Screech Rum”. Want to know the history and where to buy it?

Steeped in legend and history, and as the story goes, Screech Rum was first created in the days of the “Triangle Trade“, where the same barrels were used to carry molasses and rum, and only occasionally cleaned. The barrels built up a deposit of impossibly sweet sediment at the bottom, which was melted out with boiling water and either fermented or mixed with grain alcohol.

Best known for its potent alcohol content early-on. Over the years, the alcohol content of Screech has been toned down and the flavor mellowed. Good thing too, because in 2003, Screech Rum won a gold medal for excellent taste at the International Rum Festival.

Here's the Screech Rum review dedicated to: Dustin Diamond, from

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Age: 1 to 3 years

Flavors: Vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar.

TasteB (Good)

Mix-abilityB+ (Good)

Buzz Factor: C (Average)

Price: $14.99 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Screech Rum an A- (Highly Recommended). A truly unique rum, that is excellent mixed with Coke or Pepsi.

Mix it up with – “Muffled Screech”

Ingredients: 1 oz. Newfoundland Screech, 1/4 oz. Triple Sec or Grand Marnier, 2 ozs. Cream or Milk.