Every Monday we spotlight the best booze ever made. This week's spotlight is on Old Forester Bourbon Whiskey. Want to know the history and where to buy it?

Originated by George Garvin Brown way back in 1870, Old Forester is crafted using non-other than mother nature’s finest corn, rye and malted barley before being distilled twice, and then aged in charred oak barrels that are handcrafted at the distillery’s own cooperage.

No other Kentucky bourbon company makes its own barrels. This sets Old Forester apart from the rest. Their motto: “Live life. Sip responsibly.” We couldn’t agree more!

Here's some booze facts from coedmagazine.com:

 Proof: 86 (43% ABV)

Age: 4 years

Flavors: vanilla, oak, rye, and caramel.

Taste: A- (Very Good)

Mix-abilityB+ (Very Good)

Buzz Factor: A- (Excellent)

Price$14.99 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky a B+. Excellent mixed, wonderful neat. It packs a taste-filled punch that we highly recommend!

Mix it up with – “Touchdown!”

Ingredients: 2 oz Old Forester, 4 oz lemonade, 4 oz iced tea (unsweetened)

Directions: Combine bourbon with iced tea in a mixing glass filled with ice. Strain into a Hurricane glass filled with ice. Top with lemonade.