As “The Walking Dead” has taught us it is that death may be the end of our spirits life, but it’s defiantly not the end our earth bound body. Chances of you turning into a zombie are pretty slim, but you should know that certain bodily functions continue for minutes, hours, days, and even weeks after death. You will not believe what can go on, after you pass on.

Nail and hair growth

Skin loses moisture; exposing more hair and making nails and hair seem longer.


The bacteria inside your gut don't die just because you do. They keep right on moving even when we're good and dead.

Muscle movement

Nurses report seeing reflex action, which involves nerves sending signals to the spinal cord and not the brain, leading to muscle twitches and spasms after death.


Since rigor mortis stiffens all the muscles, including the ones that work the vocal cords, the combination leads to some very eerie sounds coming from dead bodies. People hear moans, groans, and squeaks coming from the dead.

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