Just a few weeks ago, Gearbox and 2k games just announced their new Boarderlands game, which will take place between the first and second game.  There will be a few different aspects to this game compared to the other two.  The game will not be as big as Boarderlands 2 but most likely bigger than the first Boarderlands.  Also, the setting of this game will not be on Pandora but on one of its moons.  If you have ever looked up at the moon in the second game, you’ll see a big Hyperion moon-base, which is exactly where you will be in the Pre-Sequel.

The story will be based the past games villains, meaning we will get to learn more about Handsome Jack’s character.  Not only will Handsome Jack be back, but Clap Trap as well- and this time, as a playable character!  The playable characters are Clap Trap as the fragtrap, Athena as the gladiator, Wilhelm as the enforcer, and Nisha as the lawbringer.

The game play will be different too. Your character will be able to jump higher and double jump due to the difference of gravity on the moon. The will also be an Oxygen meter that will pressure you on conserving your time and give you a variety of new character abilities.  A new gun element will be introduced, Freeze type. As well as a new vehicle, a hoverbike called the Stingray.

The game will be releasing this fall on PlayStation 3, X-box 360 and PC.

[Contributed By: Katie Morrissey]