From time to time, we like to check on artists who you hear on Odliez 96.1. Take Blood, Sweat & Tears...where are they now?

Back in the early 1970s, I saw BS&T at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, and a few years ago caught their show at Chevy Court at The Great New York State Fair in Syracuse with my daughter. Wow! Lead singer David Clayton Thomas still had the pipes, and we met him after the show. Nice guy.

So, where is Blood Sweat & Tears today? For one thing, Thomas no longer sings with the group, and the new lead singer is Bo Bice, of "American Idol" fame.

Here's an update from

It’s been more than four decades since drummer/producer Bobby Colomby and friends assembled the first group to successfully blend rock and jazz into a genre-crossing sound and style. So successfully, in fact, that the band’s second album, Blood, Sweat & Tears, topped the Billboard charts, beat out the Beatles Abbey Road for Grammy Album of the Year, and produced three major hit singles “You Made me so Very Happy,” “Spinning Wheel,” “And When I Die.”

Over the next four decades, Colomby, who owns the B, S & T franchise, kept the band in the public eye via a succession of players.

His desire to create a 21st century B, S & T brand first began to come into focus when he heard singer Bo Bice performing “Spinning Wheel” on American Idol. “Bo’s an original,” says Colomby, “with great musicianship and terrific stage presence. I don’t want to make comparisons, and I’m not looking for a David Clayton-Thomas soundalike, That would working backwards. Bo’s style works perfectly with 'God Bless the Child' and 'Spinning Wheel' and 'You Made Me So Very Happy’ as well as with the material that the band will be perform as we move musically forward.”

And they're still touring. Check out their schedule at here at

So how does Bo Bice sound as the successor to David Clayton Thomas? Check it this video, and see for yourself.