We’ve had call after call about the “12 days of Utica Christmas”. Many people enjoy the Utica Boar making smart remarks throughout the song. One remark the boar managed to make was one about how he’d rather “listen to a Binghamton song”. Well our friends in Binghamton would rather listen to one too, they created the “12 Days of Christmas Binghamton Style”.

Our friends over at 99.1 The Whale first had the story up last night.

“Hopefully we included some of your favorite Binghamton “gifts.” Enjoy the sights and … um … sounds of the “12 Days of Christmas — Binghamton Style”!”

Take a listen here:


I guess the saying "Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery" is true. So now the only question that remains is this: Who had the better song?

By the way, if you love Classic Rock and you’re near the Binghamton area check out our friends. They have an amazing blend of Classic Rock. You can take a listen by Clicking Here.