Big Brother 14 on CBS has already packed a huge punch. It seems that the shows on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday are so far behind on the live feeds. The BB14 live feeds have already shown us the Veto competition, and Veto results. We have those spoilers ahead. WARNING, BIG BROTHER 14 SPOILERS AHEAD.

If you don’t want the surprise of Wednesday to be ruined here is your last warning,



The competition was held on Friday, but we won’t see it on CBS until Wednesday’s broadcast. The players in this week’s Power Of Veto competition were Willie as HoH, Kara and Frank as the nominees, and Shane, Daniele, and Will as the other players in the game. Reports are saying that JoJo was selected as host of the Power of Veto competition. The winner of the competiton was…

Our first winner is Shane

At the Power of Veto Ceremony Shane decided to keep Willie’s nominations of Frank and Kara in place. That means one of those two nominees will be walking out the door on Thursday night.

The Big Brother house is no stranger to drama. The Big Brother Network is reporting some pretty important gossip:

Now Britney and Willie are freaking out after discovering Frank is targeting Willie. Frank tried to create an alliance with Joe, but Joe ran back and told Willie just ahead of the Veto Ceremony. They’re wondering if Kara should stay and Frank should go.”


Dave's Prediction

There is always some sort of drama inside the Big Brother house. I'm still banking on that Kara will get sent packing. Frank may be a target, but he can make an alliance quick and save himself. I'm still guessing Kara is heading home.