Is Big Brother 15 Contestant Aaryn Gries a racist and homophobic? If you watch the show on CBS it appears she's just a young girl in love with David. If you watch the live feeds, you get the truth on how she really acts. Let's just say she makes Paula Deen look like the sweetest thing on planet Earth. 

UPDATE: July 3rd 2013

It appears that Aaryn has lost her job due to her mouth. You can read that story by Clicking Here.


According to Perez Hilton, in the first week of season alone here's what she has said:

Aaryn has called another cast member a "queer," she's used several slurs against an Asian contestant behind her back saying that she should "go make some rice," and that "she is the first Asian I know that doesn't do nails," and regarding one of the African American contestants, Aaryn advised another housemate saying, "watch what you say in the dark, you might not see the b*tch."

Of course CBS has edited all of this out of the episodes on-air. Why? They want listeners to like her and David's "Showmance". It appears that the general public isn't as happy.

It appears that a petition has been established to kick her off the show. So far it has over 1,600 signatures. Here's what the petition is quoting she has said on the streams:

These are some of the comments:

"They (referring to two African-american contestants) are going to stick together because of the black thing"

"Learn how to talk, it's asked, not asked". while talking to another African-american contestant.

"Shut up and go and make some rice" referring to an Asian contestant.

"He could get MVP (a privilege given by viewers to the favorite contestant every week) because everyone loves the queers" referring to a gay contestant.


You can read the full petition by Clicking Here. Will CBS allow her to be on the show once these signatures fill up? Will they honor this petition?


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