Sunday is known for it’s drama, but viewers weren’t expecting this much on Big Brother. Let’s recap the episode and talk all the Big Brother drama.

The heat seemed to begin at the end of the last episode once Frank won HoH. Once Janelle won the coaches challenge and put Willie as a have not, it seemed to go all downhill from there.

On the way in the house Willie called for Shane and JoJo to meet with him in the bedrooms. Shane wisely declines, but JoJo starts to head off behind him. Why? That’s Big Brother suicide! Luckily Britney stopped them and told  JoJo not to go. She then tells JoJo to distance herself from Willie before she’s found guilty by association. Brilliant coaching move Brittney! Willie goes upstairs to the HOH room and tells them that he plans to get evicted before the actual next eviction. Really? How stupid!

Willie starts calling everyone in the house “pussies” and soon Joe reacts. So Willie reacts. He runs to the bathroom and gets into Joe’s face. Willie decides to head butt Joe. Production comes on and tells Willie to head to the back bedroom and asks Joe not to follow him. As he’s heading out Janelle adds more fuel to the fire so Willie throws pork rinds at her and calls her a bitch. Willie is soon called to the Diary Room and he’s shown being escorted out of the diary room.  He now joins the club of 4 others expelled.

Big Brother stresses each year that violence is not tolerated. Because of all this pointless deama, we didn’t get to see nominations. We will have those spoilers up soon.

Dave’s Predictions

What really makes me mad is why Big Brother even let him in the house. They put him in for ratings. Willie was Russell’s brother from Survivor. CBS hoped people would tune in. They did. Then the tool bag got himself kicked out of the house. 1 of 12 spots was wasted on him. Someone else could have filled it and won the game. Thousands audition for this including yours truly, and that put this tool in only to get himself thrown out. Just makes me angry.