Our house guests were surprised with an eviction last night. Julie piped into the house guests when they least expected. It was a typical night in the house:Dan was napping, Ian was listening to music and Shane didn’t have pants on. So what went down?

Veto Puzzle Competition

Here’s how the game worked: our houseguestes were on ropes that would swing them to their puzzles. They had 20 seconds of the board being magnetic before they had to swing over and press a button to keep the board alive. If they didn’t swing over, the puzzle pieces would fall and they would have to restart. Ian may have the brains, but he doesn’t have the physical strength so he gets eliminated. He starts lending Shane a hand and Shane ends up winning the Veto. Shane also wins a luxury prize. At the veto ceremony, Shane uses the veto oh himself, so Ian puts Danielle up in his place.


Shane’s Luxury Prize

When it was time for Shane to claim his luxury prize, he was allowed to take a fellow house guest with him. Who do you think he picked? He of course went with Danielle. The two of them get to leave the house for the evening to meet the US Women’s Gymnastics Team “Fierce Five.” They get to spend the evening watching their touring show. My favorite part was Danielle talking about how high the gas prices were, and of course how “McKayla was not Impressed.”

And what CBS continues to do for the next 15 minutes makes me want to travel back to the invention of the television and put a stop to a all this right then and there. First of all, most of us know there’s not a showmance going on. And if you watch the Live Feeds, you might remember Shane talking about how the kiss the two of them shared was staged and actually had to be re-shot because they kissed liked fumbling idiots.”



At the vote, Dan and Shane both vote to evict Jenn. I love how Jenn acted like she played an amazing game. She was the biggest floater ever in Big Brother history. She claimed to play a good game, that’s what kills me.


HOH Challenge

Probably one of the most crucial Hoh challenges of the summer usually takes forever. That wasn’t the case last night, Julie didn’t mess around. It was a True or False game. Our houseguests had to answer questions based on photos they saw earlier. Julie had to use a tie-breaker question. Danielle ended up winning HOH


Tune in tonight to see who Danielle will nominate, the veto challenge, and another eviction!