Have you heard of the website topix.com? Chances are if you live in Utica and Rome you have. For some crazy reason these two cities use this website more than anyone else in the country. Topix's is suppose to give people information and allow discussions that matter to people the most in your city. For some reason ,that's never the case here in the Utica/Rome pages. Most of them are just far from it. We have topics that people feel are important to our area.

Most of the time you'll just spot something racist, sexist, or just plain dirty. Why do we read? Because it makes for great entertainment. The fact people believe these are topics that matter the most to Utica is pretty sad. Warning: Some of these may be NSFW, and once again these do not reflect the views of WODZ, these are topics on Topix. Here's some of the Best Of The Worst Topics from the past week on Topix from the Utica board.

Who Is The Biggest Sissy In Utica?

Couple things wrong with this topic... first off who still uses the word “sissy”. The only person on planet Earth that I know of that uses this is my Uncle Ray. Either way, are we really going to find who the biggest sissy is?

Kelly Takes HUGE POOPS On Randy At Night

The title explains itself... clearly Kelly is a dog and Randy is the owner. Right? That's what I'm thinking. Some people are bizarre that's for sure. Someone commented that "Randy loves it too". I'm sure he does...

How Hairy Are You Nipples?

What did I learn by clicking this? Apparently here in Utica people have hairy.... nips. Someone finally had the courage to step forward and say "Nonsense topic"

Ok so we learned that Utica has quite the topics right? Let's jump to Romes board:

lady who shops walmart after midnight

Who says you can't find love at a Walmart in Rome? This poster is looking for the mysterious woman who shops there at night to score a date. Chances are she doesn't look at Topix on a regular. Happy hunting brother!

How much Is Heroin in Utica?

It's odd we didn't see this kind of request on the Utica page, it was found under Rome. Apparently this poster is looking for the best deal on drugs. He has a certain budget, and can't swing for too much. I'm guessing it isn't a cop trying to find drug dealers at all, seems legit right?

Is Shannon bohn still as hot as ever!

Fact: We have no idea who Shannon Bohn is. Fact: I'm guessing she isn't using topics. Fact: this is a worthless post.


Check back next week as we spotlight more topics from Topix!