Looking for some beer from The Hindenburg? Well if you have the cash, it's up for auction. 

This bottle of booze is thought to be from the Löwenbräu brewery and will go up for auction on Wednesday (11/27).

It is claimed that the beer was one of a pack of six discovered by a fireman. Leroy Smith, at the scene of the stricken craft which he buried and later recovered. He kept one for himself and shared the other five with friends. One of the bottles subsequently found its way in to the possession of David Kirch from the UK, a collector of Hindenburg and other airship memorabilia.

The auction description of the beer is as followed:

“Fire damaged Lowenbrau larger rescued from the remains of the Hindenburg. A standard size green bottle 23cm fitted with a crown top. The bottle is unopened but the label is scorched and damaged from the fire and the top foil is long gone.”

Expect to have some major cash for this beer.... oh the humanity.

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