Men want to have a lot of money, there's no secret there. Some men are just a tad bit luckier than the rest of us and earn a ton of cash. Some of us other smucks (I'm in this catergorie), are considered by society as “broke”.

What a lot of broke guys don't understand is that we have a lot of bad habits that are actually keeping us even more poor than normal.

Here are some common habits of “poor guys” according to Guyism:

1) Women- The quest for women is much greater than the quest for cash, but the quest for women requires some cashola.

2) Credit cards- They only pay the minimum balance, not everything.

3) Kids- Every kid you have is 18 years of car payments, with no car at the end of it all.

4) Meals- They don't cook, so a lot of money is spent on takeout. Every Friday is my Chinese day.

5) Fantasy Leagues- Playing fantasy sports is not an investment, It's a pastime, It's gambling.

Of the above, I'm pretty guilty of 1, 4, and 5.

What do you waste your money on?