Long gone are the times you went to your first day of school with a new backpack filled with pens, pencils, crayons, binders and some paper.  Now a days they don’t make backpacks big enough to fit everything you need for school. Especially if you have a child in high school. 

When my daughter started grade 9 I was shocked at everything that was on the school supply list.  The graphing calculator at over $100 was the biggest shock for me.  Most high schoolers are required to have the

calculator for math along with two pages worth of supplies.  The usual things like pens, pencils, binders and paper are always on the list.  Some schools who’ve seen their budgets cut include other supplies like Kleenex, paper towels and tape refills.

The only item on the list I question is a dictionary.  With laptops, iPads and cell phones with internet access, who still uses a dictionary.  Don’t kids just Google everything now a days.

This supply list is for high school student in Clinton that can be downloaded at the school’s website.  Several stores with school supplies usually have supply lists on hand at their store too.  There is a website listing school supplies per grade level, but some schools have their own additions.  Make sure to get the correct list for your school so your child is prepared for the first day of classes.

Luckily I’m only school supply shopping for one student.  I can’t imagine how families with several children in school can afford to buy everything.  Then there’s new clothes and shoes to buy. Need help with your shopping list?  Enter to win our back to school giveaway.