Axe Body Spray was launched in the U.S. in 2002 with six supposedly game-changing fragrances (Apollo, Kilo, Phoenix, Tsunami, Voodoo) and and by launched I mean launched! Those commercials swore that if you walked past a girl with their fragrance on that they would become powerless clamoring all over, bumping into each other and stationary objects around them trying to get to you. Definitely eye-catching and provocative but of course I was like, no way is that going to happen if I don this spray and then I dismissed it. But then one day...

photo: ebay, nybusinesspark

I decided to take the plunge and boy I didn't regret it. The response was almost immediate even to the point that I would give a hug to a random girl and she would always comment on how good I smelled. Now they didn't kill themselves to get to me nor pull my arms off like the AXE 'Dark Temptation' ads insinuated, but I had worn fragrances before like Calvin Klein's Eternity and other top-shelf ones but never got a response like I got with AXE. Now granted this company is targeting teenage boys and college-aged guys w/intelligence insulting albeit attention-getting ads, but curiosity definitely killed this cat as well as my search for the perfect fragrance for me out of the myriad of colognes out there.

A decade later there are now twelve varieties of good-smelling cans you can buy including as many more stick deodorants and they now produce shower gel and hair products as well (all of which I use.) My favorite fragrance is KILO and can be identified by the green swishes on the can, although no matter which one I have on the women I come in contact with don't seem to discriminate really. They like em all which makes me wonder if the AXE scientists are dumping some kind of pheromone in these things or something!


photo: Keith James


Yes, we at Oldiez are on a steady diet of AXE and are happy to pose with our travel cans that we just can't do without, and dang it was hard standing next to the all-AXED-up Kevin Quinn during this shot! :P Now, while I don't endorse this product line to attract women like the company does or view women as objects to be conquered, I do endorse it to keep them in that hug just a tad longer and it is proven that there is a connection between attraction and a woman's sense of smell once she gets close enough, although getting her that close is all up to you, not some fragrance. The commercials and ad campaigns are witty but have just as much chance of raising your attractive quotient to girls any more than those funny Geico commercials make you want to just up and switch your insurance carrier.

Well, whether or not this stuff really works or is just a figment of our imaginations, wishful thinking or just very effective marketing, I stand by the brand and do a 'double-pits-to-chesty' every morning and will recommend it at every turn as will the women who have come into contact with it... Happy spraying! Here's a video of AXE's latest witty 'Shower-pooling' campaign: