You may be all done shopping till you see this. A company called Records And Stuff will cause you to order a after minute Christmas gift. They offer authentic music gifts that are handmade using vintage, original 1960s through 1990s vinyl LP records and LP record album covers. Buy yourself a gift this year. 

Records And Stuff is going to be your new best friend. If you've been wondering “what should I do with my old vinyl?” check out what they have done. They are turning it into clocks, bowls, and other cool products. When you get a free moment today, check out their selection.

These abandoned records are recycled back into everyday life - with a functional purpose and artistic flare!From The Beatles to Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra to the Grateful Dead - we have a huge inventory.”

If you're thinking “it must be pricey” think again, these gems sell for about $24. I'd love a “Darkside Of The Moon” wall clock, hint hint.