Last night, the Boston Marathon suspects were allegedly chased down in a stolen car car and a firefight ensued with casualties on both sides. Here is the audio and video accounts of those moments as caught by random residents of Watertown, Massachusetts that witnessed the shootout in the street right out front of their homes.



In this first clip you can hear dozens of gunshots, and cops yelling directions to each other about whom to shoot at.  (At :16 someone asks, quote, "You guys got rifles?"  A few seconds later someone says, quote, "White t-shirt! White t-shirt!"  And at :25 the guy behind the camera asks something that sounds like, quote, "Is this related to the, the terrorists?"

In this next clip the guy says they're shooting right in front of his house.  Then you hear a LOT of bullets fired very quickly.  Then there's some shouting from the cops, and the guy says they're screaming, quote, "Show me your hands, show me your hands."