Taking a walk thorugh my kitchen this morning grabbing my lunch I realized our fridge is packed, and the cuboards are full. I don’t think we could fit basics like eggs and milk into the refrigerator. If you’re like me you might be a food hoarder.

If, over the past few weeks you've accumulated a bunch of food, now might be a good time for a shopping hiatus. It could be a fun game to see how long you and your family can go without a trip to the grocery store. If you're willing to really knock out the food you already have in your house, here are a few things to keep in mind according to FrugalDad.com:

  • Take Inventory- Take some time to sort through your food. Figure out what's buried in the cupboards and the freezer. Throw away any items that are unusable or spoiled.
  • Research- Using a list of the items you have on hand, hit the Internet for recipes that call for the items you have available.
  • Plan ahead- Make a list of meals that you can prepare using ingredients on hand. Prepare food on weekends so you won't be tempted to stop by the store after work when you lack motivation.
  • Improvise- Make creative substitutions in recipes to use up the supplies you have on hand.
  • No Dominos- Don't surrender to expensive delivery or take-out meals when you get tired or bored. No cheating! Stay strong and do this!