Back in the good old days, you could bring your jugs to the local store or brewery, fill them from the tap and take them home. It seems that trend may have disappeared. But, has it really?

There's a growing trend in the craft beer industry as growlers are making a comeback. I’ve experienced it first hand just two weeks ago in Albany during my sisters wedding. My cousins Duane, Ricky, and I went to Brown’s Brewing Company in Troy after the wedding and my cousin Ricky was able to pick up a growler. Word of advice: Don’t try to finish one in one night.

Many bars are allowing customers to bring in their refillable glass jugs for refills. The benefit: Customers get fresh from-the-tap taste and as an added bonus those reusable growlers are eco-friendly.

Where in Utica have you seen growlers?

So far we've learned A Plus mini markets, Marcy Discount beverage, and the actual brewery in downtown. Where else?