It's now officially December which means the Christmas countdown is full-on. If you're like me, you're gonna wait until Christmas Eve to shop,  but if you like to plan, this app will help you organize your shopping list and budget like you've never been able to before!


For a cool $.99 you can pick someone special from your iPhone contact list, assign a budget and begin shopping. Status indicators mark whether you've bought a gift, shipped it, whether they've received it or not, or if you've wrapped it. There's a Christmas countdown clock (23 days now!) and a sliding progress bar and pie graph that tells you how much shopping progress you've made for each person on your list. What's really cool is you can even track your gifts by store, so you can get all the gifts you need in that store for your entire list without having to visit a second time!! This app just might inspire me to actually shop on time this year! How bout you?