Sporting fans are a breed of their own. We dress, act, drink, and do the part very well, except sometimes we do it too well. Some fans may be annoying.

It's a lot of fun to be amongst a crowd of cheering fans, but it would be much better if certain annoying sports fan habits stopped. Here are some of the most annoying sports fan habits according to

  • The drunken fan who heckles the pitcher warming up in the bullpen
  • People who grab the foul ball right out of a kid's hands
  • Fans who go wild just to get on the Jumbotron
  • People who boo their team even when they're winning
  • Dorks who wear the jersey of a team that's not even playing
  • Guys who get liquored up and fight in the stands
  • Idiots who always yell at the team to "go for it" on 4th down
  • Bandwagoners

Which sports fan are you?