No matter how hard you try, are you just not a fan of beer? Is it the taste that bothers you? Well our friends over at Anheuser-Busch want to change that. They are releasing a new product called Bud Light Straw-Ber-Rita. This beer is a follow-up to Bud Light Lime-A-Rita which was released about a year ago. This beer will taste like strawberries! Tasty right? 

According to, The Straw-Ber-Rita is reported to taste like a "authentic strawberry margarita."

It's 8 percent alcohol by volume, a full three points higher than the a regular Budweiser, and almost four points higher than Bud Light. The new brand will be available in 12-packs of 8-ounce cans; four-packs of 16-ounce . cans; and in 24-ounce cans.

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