If you've ever worked food service (or need a primer on tipping) then this video is for you. It's a huge reminder of just how much better it is to give than receive! These two guys Andrew and Stuart are in the Christmas spirit all year round and it's one thing to hear of generosity, it's another to be a fly on the wall to experiencing it and as a former waiter I found this to be extremely moving... Kudos guys!




Watch A Hammered Girl At IHOP Lose A Twerking Contest To A Dude... Wait WHAT?

You've been to the club, you're a little tipsy or maybe a LOT tipsy and your stomach is asking for much more than the junk you've been throwing at it for the last 6 hours... So where do you head? Why not IHOP?!? Who wouldn't wanna get their groove on while downing pancakes?