Have you ever watched Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show? It's not like Maury were everybody finds out if they’re the father. Nobody throws things like on Jerry Springer. It seems that Anderson is too smart, calm and put together for daytime TV. That's why it seems his show won't last.

It was announced on Monday that Cooper’s show 'Anderson Live' will not be renewed for a third and will instead go off the air at the end of next summer.

A studio executive from Warner Brothers, which syndicates the daily show, said ratings were down and stations that air it are already asking about replacement programs. The exec said talk shows in general have been struggling to find an audience, and it seems like Cooper’s is no exception.”

You'll have to stick with CNN to get your Anderson fix.

Celebrity Of The Day

Poor Anderson! Let's honor America's favorite news boy... Or should I just say women?



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