This past week I got to enjoy some of the Central New York favorite Summertime destinations.  A great place we were told about was Bald Mountain just north of Old Forge.  I was told it was a somewhat easy climb/hike that I could take the kids on.  What an awesome day!  Wasn't sure what to expect when I got started with my 3 kids, aged 16, 7, and 5.  I quickly discovered that this is a very popular place for a day trip.  The trail was quite busy with other day hikers of all ages.  I believe I even spotted one little one still sporting the Pampers!  Clad with our daily necessities consisting of sunscreen, bug spray, TP (just in case), trail snacks, and lunch to be enjoyed at the top, we were on our way.  Took nearly an hour each way on the 2 mile round trip trail.  The best part was that there was still time left in the day to enjoy some ice cream!