Yup, word has it that Texas is going to up a portion of I-35 between San Antonio and Austin to the highest speed limit in our nation, 85mph!

I can think of quite a few straight stretches of road on the Thruway where I'd love to see that. Or hey, how bout the whole thing? I'm headed to West Virginia this weekend and the speed limit on I-79 is 75mph in places but that's on curvier roads than we have here and it can be quite a rush! However, while the speed freaks like myself would be picking our eyes up off the floor if we ever saw an 85 mph sign around here, it raises the question on whether or not approving that high of a speed limit is safe.

Of course safety in this sense can be based on a lot of factors: road conditions, the capabilities of your car and of course driver competence (and not just yours but those around you). So if you have an experienced driver on dry straight roads with a car that hums like a top, then your chances of an accident are much less no matter the speed limit. However, reaction times are severely diminished the faster you go and no factor can save you once your car has crossed the line into being out of control. So, what do you think?