America's Sweetheart Amanda Bynes is in a spiral down a dark path. Amanda Bynes was caught smoking weed, while driving. AND, she has a suspended license.

Amanda Bynes Smoking Weed

TMZ has released photos of Amanda Bynes driving Tuesday on a suspended license and under questionable mental capacity. The pictures show the actress taking hits from what appears to be a pipe for weed. According to TMZ, she drove aimlessly around the city for most of the day. Occasionally, stopping to re-load her pipe and take another toke. Check out those photos here.


Alison Pill Accidentally Tweets Topless Photo

Newsroom star Alison Pill is tech-challenged and that's good news to her Twitter followers, who got an eyeful. The 26-year-old accidentally posted a topless photo of herself. She quickly deleted it, but the pic is already making the Internet rounds. But Alison was a good sport about it, tweeting, "Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet...”


Chad Johnson Charged With Domestic Battery

NFL star Chad Johnson was formally charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after allegedly head-butting his wife during a heated argument last month. Chad, who faces up to a year in county jail, is set to be arraigned later this morning and to file a written plea of not guilty. He was arrested last month in Florida after his wife, Evelyn Lozada, accused him of assaulting her in front of their home.


John Lennon’s Former Island Up for Sale

A small island off the west coast of Ireland that once belonged to John Lennon is up for sale. Business Week is reporting that Dorinish Island is currently on the market for 300,000 euros, approximately $384,000. Lennon bought the 21-acre spot in Clew Bay, known to locals as “Beatle Island,”  for $2,700 in 1967, most likely with the intention of eventually building a place to live after his retirement.


Celebrity Of The Day

Let’s make it John today. I never knew he owned an island, that’s pretty cool.