Back in the 80's I used to skateboard and bike to my nearest arcade weighed down with as many quarters as I could scrounge up in my parent's couch or my piggy bank. Seems like those days were yesterday where you took on random arcade rats and spent your allowance trying to get your initials to climb to the top of the high score scroll. Well now you can relive them right in the comfort of your own home.


Imagine owning 'Pole Position', 'Spy Hunter', 'Street Fighter', 'NBA Jam', or 'Mortal Kombat' of course other classics like Tron, Pac Man, Donkey Kong or my favorites: 'Stun Runner and the sit-down Star Wars game! For a paltry $75 a month you can rent a coin-free arcade cabinet game and play it to your heart's content! And when you're sick of one, simply keep paying the monthly fee and trade in your current cabinet game for another!


The brothers behind this nifty idea scrounge the internet for used games, buy em at bargain prices, fix up the 250 pound machines and ship them to you free. Of course this service is currently only available on the West Coast but there are plans to expand to all of us on the other side of the nation soon! But why do it this way when today's game consoles blow away old tech like this? Well, I used to be quite the gamer as a kid and now my kids are owning me on the Xbox, but if I got them on my turf with just a joystick and a button or two... Wham! Take THAT!


Have You Seen BBG's On Commercial Drive In New Hartford?

As I was driving down Commercial Drive I noticed a new building next door to Americu. I noticed a new restaurant was opening. It's under construction, and it looks like a lot of fun. Central New York get ready for Beer Bites & Games (BBG's) in New Hartford.