It's been way too long for this to happen. AC/DC has released its own beer. It's being called “The beer for real rockers”. Unfortunately it isn't for sale in the U.S. just yet. We have some details on AC/DC Beer here:

For now, it's only available in some European countries, including Germany. The website for it is entirely in German, but lucky for us Google Chrome can translate things:

When it comes to rock right, the right beer belongs to AC / DC, the hard rock legends from Down Under, is the perfect namesake for just such a beer -. course in the typical for Australia pint-size "AC / DC Premium Beer is "568 ml authentic German premium full-bodied beer with 5% alcohol by volume. , the 5-liter keg of beers is the roadie for the rock group of friends. Brewed in the sense of rock'n'roll bid of 1973 and according to the German Purity Law of 1516.”

You can Click Here for more info. It doesn't look like it's in the states yet, but you may be able to order it online. Once again, the website is in German so just be warned. It looks like it may be in Canada though, so happy hunting.