Ok, weight watchers, has the miracle cure been electricity all along?  Well, there apparently there is a new product, recently approved by the FDA.  It works closely with the concept of a dog collar – You know, the thing that gives your dog a shock when he barks in an attempt to get him to ultimately stop barking?  Sound crazy?  Read on.

It’s called the Maestro Rechargeable System and the idea is an electrical device that fits around your stomach like a belt and electrically stimulating the stomach nerves.  Essentially, it acts as a nerve blocker meant to curb the hunger pains and give the sensation of being full.  Hold on…it’s not designed for those who just want to lose a couple of pounds, it is designed for adults who have a BMI over 40 and it is meant to be an alternative to these weight loss surgeries that everyone seems to be getting these days.

Here are some technical detail of the apparatus…

The Maestro consists of a "pulse generator" surgically implanted under the skin of the chest wall. This delivers high-frequency electrical pulses to leads laid along two trunks of the vagus nerve, which helps control the function of many organs in the abdomen.

Although determined to be safe, it may be in their best interest to post advisories on the packaging to let users know that electrical pulses are used to control organ function.

Was not a unanimous vote about whether the device was safe or not, but the vote was 8 to 1 and if the benefits outweighed the risks.  The big question here is whether or not it will work.  I guess time will tell.

There is a good possibility that we will see this on the market soon, but this guy is still a little skeptical.  Now if I can just muster up some willpower, I’m going to try to cut some pounds the old fashioned (and proven) way…good ole diet and exercise.