Tis the season of tax returns. Uncle Sam has been mailing checks for the past few weeks. Some of us plan on saving our refunds, while others will go out and spend them. Last week, a 21-year-old man named Jesus Mata Junior in Texas got his $1,000 tax return back then blew it all at a strip club. To avoid telling his wife that he blew it all, he called the police and made up a fake robbery as a cover story. Pretty smart right?

According to KRGV News, Jesus called the police and told them that he'd been robbed at gunpoint by six men. The police searched the area, followed leads, tried to hunt down the robbers and naturally, didn't turn up anything. They talked to Jesus again, noticed some inconsistencies in his story and he admitted everything.

Jesus was then arrested for filing a false report. There's no word on his wife's reaction. I'm betting it looked like this: