Feeling pressure from their competition, Ford needed to make the Mustang more powerful so it could keep up with its competitors. The answer came in the form of a larger car. With the production of the 1967 Ford Mustang, Ford would be able to keep up with the big dogs on the road. It's truly one of my dream cars, so let's take a look at the 67 Mustang.

Changes to the 1967 Ford Mustang included: side scoops. They were painted to match the color of the car. In the past, the Mustang's side scoops were chrome plated in design. The new scoops more closely resembled real intakes than in previous model years.

1967 was also the last year “F-O-R-D” block lettering appeared across the front edge of classic Mustangs. This feature would not return until 1974. It would also be the last Mustang to feature the 289 Hi-Po Engine. These little pieces of information come in handy when trying to distinguish a 1967 Ford Mustang from a 1968. At first glance, the two model years closely resemble each other.

In all, the 1967 Ford Mustang was considered by most an improvement over previous model years. It was more powerful, it featured an improved suspension system, and it had an aggressive appearance. I'd do anything to own a 67 Fastback!

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