Women are a profound mystery to most men. Even women admit they can be confusing at times. “Yes” doesn’t always mean “yes,” “no” doesn’t always mean “no,” and most women admit they’ve said at least once, “Well, I may have said that, but I didn’t mean it.” So in an effort to pull back the curtain on how women communicate we went to the experts, Match.com. Here is their list of the things you might hear a woman say and more importantly what she really means:

What she says: “You’re really sweet, but I have a boyfriend.”
What she means: “You’re really sweet, but I definitely don’t want to date you.”

What she says: “Why don’t I take your number and I’ll call you?”
What she means: “There’s no way I’m giving you my number, so why don’t I take yours?”

What she says: “Oh, sorry, I already have weekend plans.”
What she means: “I don’t necessarily have weekend plans, but you’re calling so last-minute I’d feel like a loser if I admitted I was free and took you up on your offer.”

What she says: “This feels good, but we really shouldn’t.”
What she means: “I want you BAD, but don’t want to get burned or have you telling your buddies I was ‘easy.’”

What she says: “So, what have you been up to?”
What she means: “Why haven’t you called me? Are you seeing someone else? I have a gun!”

What she says: “If you want to have a guy’s night, go ahead, fine.”
What she means: “I really, really don’t want you to go, and if you do I won’t speak to you for a week.”

What she says: “So, tell me about Diane.”
What she means: “Should I be threatened by Diane?”

What she says: “I love the way you smell.”
What she means: “I love you, but I don’t dare tell you I love you before you tell me you love me.”