Your Idiot Criminal of the Day!  She's 43 year old Bonnie of Hooksett, New Hampshire, and on Friday, she attempted to rob a drug store. Here’s what happened

On Friday morning, Bonnie walked into a Rite-Aid in Manchester, New Hampshire with a hooded sweatshirt and ski mask covering her face.  She approached an employee, put something metallic to her head, and demanded money. The employee of course thought Bonnie had a gun, so she gave her the cash from one of the registers.

Bonnie then ran out of the store, hopped in her car and drove away. As she did, a witness noticed that her car had a personalized license plate that read "B-USHER." Bonnie's getaway car was her own car and it had a personalized license plate featuring her first initial and last name.

The cops ran the plate, headed to Bonnie's house, and arrested her for armed robbery within a few hours. So don’t you agree those personalized license plates are worth it?