Americans are NOTORIOUS for complaining about almost everything from the weather to poor food service, but when we have to pay more for something than we're used to, we wig out! But, we don't hold the trophy for the most expensive of EVERYTHING. Check out our Top 8 list of very common items that are much more expensive abroad...

Big Macs / Gas Prices

With fast food prices on the rise in our nation, we're complaining but in Venezuela, they pay just over $9 for a Big Mac.  In Hong Kong, you can get one for around $2.  But Hong Kong more than makes up for it with gas, which costs $8.59 a gallon. Think about THAT next time you pass by a $4 gallon sign here.

The iPhone 6

In the U.S., you need an extra $700 laying around to purchase this phone without a contract, but if you live in Russia, try spare change to the tune of $3,715!!

Movie Tickets

I took my kids to a matinee at the Marquee at $7.50 a pop, and for an evening 3D show I'm looking at over $11 per ticket. But I should hold my tongue because in Tokyo, a basic evening ticket runs you about $18.  The cheapest worldwide is South Africa, where they cost around $5.


If you buy a new auto in Singapore, you can expect to spend a small fortune.  For example, a brand new Volkswagen Golf costs a little over $110,000.  In the U.S., you're more likely to see a sticker price of around $23,000. However Singapore has the cheapest medical care costs $92 per year compared to a $5,615 average here!!


People in Melbourne, Australia supposedly pay around $17 for a pack of Marbs as opposed to the Philippines, where the average price is just over a BUCK! Eat your heart out Crocodile Dundee!


Would you pay $9.83 for latte?  Well, that's how much it costs at Starbucks in Oslo, Norway, which is the highest in the world. Must be some mad-skilled coffee-magicians overseas!


If you wanna impress your lady with a bouquet delivered to her doorstep it'll cost you $60, but Aussies have to fork over nearly three times that at $140 per smile.

Hotel Rooms

Some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the fruited plain that I've ever afforded cost between $300 and $500 but if you wanna travel to Sydney, try nearly a GRAND for a 5-star Regency Hyatt. Better make it a business trip so you can write THAT off!